Our church sanctuary is available for weddings, including same-sex marriages. We believe that marriage is a covenantal relationship rooted in the faithfulness of God’s love. Marriage is ordained by God as a sacred order for establishing home and family, nurturing people in love, and fulfilling God’s plan.Wedding

Setting the Date: Couples who desire to be married in a service of worship in this church should contact the church office at 607-722-1017.

Wedding Counseling/conferences: The Pastor will schedule a minimum of three appointments with the couple.

The Music: Arrangements for music during the service must be made through our Director of Music.  Soloists and other musicians must coordinate with the Director of Music. The fee for the Director of Music is $125. However, if there is additional music or extra rehearsals for soloist, etc., the fee will increase. PLEASE NOTE: The fee for the Director of Music must be paid at, or before, the rehearsal.

Guest Clergy:  The fee for our pastor to officiate at the ceremony is $150. Discuss the optional participation of guest clergy with our pastor.  It is the couple’s responsibility to provide an honorarium (amount undesignated) for the assisting clergyperson.

Sanctuary:  The fee for the use of the sanctuary is $150.

Sexton:  A representative from the church will be available during the rehearsal and before, during, and after the ceremony to assist you.  The fee for the Sexton is $50.

Church Hall: If the couple is interested in having the reception in Bouman Hall, the cost for the hall rental is $50 for church members and $100 for non-church members. Please plan to meet with a representative from the church well in advance of the wedding to review building use policies. Also, please remember that our church is always an alcohol-free environment; therefore, alcohol will not be permitted under any circumstances. Lastly, smoking is also not allowed on church property. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Sanctuary $150

Clergy $150

Director of Music $125

Sexton $50

Church Hall (optional) member $50 non-member $100

All payments are expected in cash at or before the rehearsal.

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