Holy Communion

CommunionIn the sacrament of Holy Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist, meaning “thanksgiving,” Christians hear, taste, touch and receive the grace of God revealed through Jesus Christ. Communion is:

1) a joyous act of thanksgiving;
2) a sacred memorial in which Christ is truly and rightly present to those who eat and drink;
3) an earnest prayer for the presence of the Holy Spirit to unite those who partake with the Risen Christ and with each other;
4) an intimate experience of fellowship; and
5) a hopeful sign of the promised Realm of God marked by justice, love and peace.

In our celebration of this feast, we welcome everyone to table. We believe that Christ prepares the meal and sets the table so that anyone who seeks a connection with Jesus Christ is invited to participate fully in this meal. We regularly share in this meal on the first Sunday of each month.