Spiritual Direction

sun in handsFor the past 15 years, Pastor Gary Smith has served as a staff spiritual director at the Spiritual Renewal Center in Syracuse, NY. In addition to his ministry there, Pastor Gary is happy to meet with people living in the Binghamton area who seek spiritual direction. Simply call Pastor Gary at the church office at 607-722-1017.


What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an ancient ministry in the church. In spiritual direction, the director helps the directee to become more aware of God and more responsive to God’s Presence.  Sharing your unique journey can help deepen your relationship with God and help you find balance in your spiritual life.


What is discussed during Spiritual Direction?

You can discuss anything with your spiritual director.  All sessions are held in a private setting.  Some topics that might come up are:

  • Your prayer life, what prayer means to you and how you relate to God in prayer
  • Personal issues such as your relationships with family and friends, or issues related to physical or mental health
  • Any major decisions you may be facing

Spiritual directors are not “problem solvers,” but more of a partner that can help you assess situations and find what might be God’s invitation to you at any given moment in your life.  All matters discussed between spiritual directors and their directees are completely confidential.