Visioning Team

Help NeighborOur church’s Visioning Team was created in 2014 for the purpose of “listening to the movement of the Spirit” in our both our faith and local community. The first task of the Visioning Team was to create a “Visioning Plan” for 2014-17; which is the current amount of time we have covenanted with our pastor. Our goal is to “refresh and renew” the way we “do church” so that we can remain relevant for the East Side neighborhood for many years to come.


Our church’s “Visioning Plan” is as follows:




Prayer for Our Church as We Move Into a New Future

O Great Creator, we thank you for East Side Congregational United Church of Christ, the place we call our church home, where we gather to worship you and to have fellowship with one another. We pray for your Holy Spirit to inspire our hearts, and help us to continue to envision the next stage of our congregation’s life. Help us to honor and respect our sacred story; a history more than a century old; while at the same time inspiring us to dream a bold plan for our future. Grant us exquisite creativity, intelligent ideas, and the wisdom that will allow our work to help build connections among people as well as draw people closer to you. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

Eastside Congregational UCC Mission Statement

The mission of this congregation of God’s people is to nurture the church family in faithfulness to Christ and faithfully minister to the Binghamton community and beyond.

An Open and Affirming Congregation

We, the people of the Binghamton East Side Congregational United Church of Christ, declare ourselves to be open and affirming of all of God’s children.  We celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each expression of God’s diverse family as well as our oneness in Christ.  As we seek to live out our mission “to nurture the church family in faithfulness to Christ, and faithfully minister to the Binghamton community and beyond,”  we welcome into our community persons of every gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, mental and physical ability, age, race, nationality, economic and social status, faith background, marital standing and family structure; and we invite them to share in the life, leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities, blessings and joys of our congregation as we seek to grow together in faith and love.


A) Nurture the Current Church Family

  1. Refresh Buildings and Grounds (sanctuary by Advent 2014)
  2. Hire an Administrative Assistant (by end of 2014)
  3. Schedule New Programs/Events/Prayer Services
  4. Improve Communications for In-House Ministries/Activities and Outreach/Missions
  5. Increase Pastoral Visitation
  6. Provide necessary support for small groups

B) East Side Neighborhood Ministry

  1. Build a working relationship with other East Side congregations for the purpose of joint outreach ministry (done as joint or individual, non-duplicating efforts)
  2. Host occasional dinners and other activities for neighborhood organizations
  3. Explore participation in the Broome County Jail Re-Entry Program
  4. Offer events for our neighborhood

C) Support Mission Projects Through Tithing and Special Collections